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 Who am I?: An individual who loves technology;has a passion for politics;  writes about services that can help individuals with disabilities; Has a passion for serving the Lord Jesus Christ; Promotes Sam HasselBusch’s Christian music; promotes Jodi Rabas, a friend and Chiropractor.


About me

I am currently working at Marriott Worldwide reservations full-time.  I serve and volunteer my time in politics and support my local democratic party. Kudos to my favorite president Barack Obama. To Cherish this historic presidency, you can visit Obama’s History Archive.       I like to hang out with my friends and like too be crazy.

Here is a video of me on the Scropion Tail:



  and a video of myself and Caleb at our best:



I am involved with my church: The Cuyahoga Valley Community Church.  Notably the Cuyahoga Valley Community Church hosted a dance in 2017 called  the “Night to Shine” sponsored by Tim Tebow.  This is an event for individuals who have disabilities ages 16 and older.  It is their night and they are all called kings and queens since they are all kings and queens to Christ. Here is a video to highlight that night:







I also enjoy hanging out with my friends.  One of my close friend happens too be a Christian singer.  Please see a video of my friend Sam singing below:

I also participate and volunteer with Youth Challenge when I can.  Note that I have been part of Youth Challenge since I was nine years old and now I am 34 and still show up at some of the activities! Following is a video of Youth Challenge.




With me being blind, technology is a big part of my life and is essential for me to do my job and navigate the modern world.  I use a screen reader called Jaws to perform my work. Three of the major screen readers are, Jaws for Windows, Window Eyes, NVDA (Works on the Open Source Platform). One thing to note is that Jaws (Job Access With Speech) recently had its twentieth anniversary!


Here is a video of showing Jaws at its 20 years of its creativity.


Besides conventional PC-based screen readers, smart phones are integrating screen readers right into the devices such as those by Apple and Google with support for the visually impaired. Here is a video on Apple accessibility  on  voice over.


Here is another video about other assistive devices for those who are visually impaired:

Agencies that can be a great help:  (at this time we are going to focus on agencies that are worth being mentioned for their excellent services) 

Youth Challenge is an organization that focuses on recreation for kids that face physical disabilities all the way through high school. They also participate with the Paralympic programs for those who are 18 and over. They also have programs for job seekers.

Leap is an agency that focuses on job placement. They focus on advocacy.

Vocworks is another organization that focuses on career development and jobs.  I myself went through Vocworks and ended up working at Marriott.


There are two other agencies out of the Cleveland area that are worth mentioning as well.

Joni and Friends is a Christian Organization that focuses on their yearly retreats for families who face disabilities of all kinds. Their families can connect, fellowship, pray and encourage each other in their journey of life. This organization also focuses on mission and partners with Wheels for the world so they can give wheelchairs to individuals in third world countries.

Click here too see a video on a Joni and Friends  Family retreat.



 Uniquely the Same is another Christian agency which is in the process of starting. Its focus is on enabling disabled individuals to live independently in a community alongside able-bodied neighbors so assistance can be available to them when needed.

Click on the following videos to find out more about Uniquely the Same.


Samantha Hasselbusch:

 Sam is one of  my closest friend and she writes her own praise and worship music.  She currently has two albums released.  They are “This Perfect Love” and “The Name of the Lord.”  You can click on that link to directly find “The Name of the Lord”on iTunes.  You can also go to Sam’s website to find out more info on her as well. Sam has four songs on her website and I am promoting them on my site as well. They Include: 1.This Perfect Love 2. The Name of the Lord 3. The Old Rugged Cross 4. It is Well With My Soul




Chiropractor Jodi Rabas:

Jodi is another close friend of mine and she has her own Chiropractor business in Green Bay, WI.  Her primary focus is on Children and pregnant women, though she has an awesome heart and she will work with anyone.   She has previously worked in the Cleveland including providing treatment to me!  It has helped me tremendously.  What many of you might find is that you have subluxation, which means that your nerves may not be aligned.  Think of a speaker wire without a good connection, the signal will be distorted.  Well your nerves work to same way.  If you want too find out more about Jodi and her services and are in the Green Bay area, you can visit Family First Chiropractic




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